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Our Story

Taheni Mediterranean Grill is owned and operated by a Long Island Family. Our very lovely parents have 9 kids and some amazing grandchildren. You’ll definitely see us all as we are very involved in our day to day operation. Our family is compromised of engineer, psychology, business, accounting, biology, and math professionals. In 2016, we decided to do something different! We took our mothers love for cooking and opened up our very first restaurant in Brooklyn, NY! It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t familiar to us, and it most definitely took a toll on us with the commute. From there we took a huge leap and opened a location in Columbus Circle Manhattan. It was a pleasant experience that opened up many doors. However, we knew we had to do something to bring ease to our family’s life. That's when Lindenhurst, NY came in play. 

Lindenhurst has a lot to do with our future success. It’s taken some time to get it up and running, but it’s due to how much detail went into it. We plan to have this location as the milestone to our future growth. Majority of the store is a kitchen and there’s a reason behind it. We plan on using this location as a commissary to support every store we open from here on out in the NY Metro area. We’ve gone as far as building customized bread ovens to ensure we have fresh sajj and pita bread every day like we always have, but in a massive volume. From here we plan on having fresh bread for us to use in store, but also for families to enjoy at home. 

We’re all about family and we’re all about becoming a part of the community. We take pride in that. We aren’t here to just sell food, we are here to support. It’s exactly what we do! Growing up our mother always took care of everyone in our community. She prided herself on feeding people, especially those who needed assistance. We took the morals that are instilled in our mother and implemented it into Taheni. If there’s a family going through financial hardship, medical issues, loss of electric, home fire, etc., we want to be there to support you through those hard times. Communicate with us as to where we can help and we’re there. If it means making sure the family has food on their table, then no problem. No one should go to sleep hungry, no one should have to think about where their next meal is coming from. 

Thank you Lindenhurst for the warm welcomes we’ve received. We are very excited to bring Taheni to this community. We’re excited to bring some amazing Mediterranean food, which is all our mothers recipes. We’re here to bring quality food and enjoy good times in Lindenhurst. We’ll be open soon, as soon as we have a date we will most definitely update everyone. 

Much Love,

Taheni Family

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